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What is Caffeine?

What is Caffeine?
For most people, caffeine is more like something they drink every day. As you may probably know, coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world most especially in countries where most people are coffee lovers. Also, caffeine can be found in almost all kinds of beverages and food but the most popular form of it is the liquid that is mostly used by people as a stimulant.
The word “caffeine” was introduced in 1819 after a German chemist discovered its presence in coffee. However, the introduction of the word “coffee” came along in 1598 from a Dutch trader who sold beans from a tree called Koffie.
In 1700, caffeine was brought by a colonist on its most popular form which is now called worldwide as coffee. This product is consumed by millions of people almost every day. The reason for this is its stimuli property that temporarily relieves drowsiness while providing alertness. This psychoactive drug is legally consumed by people unlike any types of drugs that are extremely prohibited.
Coffee is an unregulated substance that is sold and distributed around the world. There are also other forms of liquids that contain more caffeine and these beverages are consumed by people all over the world. Today, caffeine is used in making different kinds of energy drinks because it can provide an added boost of energy.
Soft drinks are also one of the products that contain caffeine and these are widely consumed by people in every part of the world. The uses of caffeine had made it as a popular stimulant that delivers instant effect in humans. There are also different sources of caffeine. Aside from coffee bean, it can also be found and extracted from various plants and fruits that are found in every part of the world.
The other sources of caffeine are guayusa, yaupon holly, yerba mate and guarana berries. Generally, guarana berries contain more caffeine compared to coffee beans and other sources. The mass production of energy drinks that is made from guarana berries made a big impact in the world especially in the use of caffeine.
As of today, 90% of the world’s entire populations consume caffeine regularly in the form of coffee or energy drink. However, there are certain risks in taking too much caffeine and the side effect can be felt gradually. Normally, the required amount of caffeine intake is not more than 400mg every day. This will provide enough energy and brain alertness that people need in their everyday living.
However, if the intake is above the required dosage of caffeine headache, sleep deprivation, ulcer and insomnia will be the obvious results. In general, caffeine is capable of providing different benefits in health but too much of it can also have few setbacks that can affect the entire health. The effects of caffeine can never be changes just like the addiction of many people to coffee. There should be certain restrictions that must be met in order to avoid the bad effects of caffeine in health.



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