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Fight Cellulite with Caffeine

Fat Cells

Fat Cells

According to the Mayo Clinic, 80% of women have cellulite — that includes supermodels. The undesirable “cottage cheese” appearance of cellulite often develops in a women’s buttock and thigh areas.  Cellulite is typically caused by heredity, hormonal changes, poor circulation or an accumulation of toxins.

Caffeine Can Help
Did you know that many of the leading anti-cellulite creams have caffeine as the main ingredient?
Use the caffeine found in coffee grounds to mildly and temporarily mask the appearance of cellulite. How does it work? Caffeine is a stimulant (see our article ‘What is Caffeine‘) and when applied to the skin it temporarily tightens and tones tissue by dialating the blood vessels. This also increases circulation which will reduce water retention and smooth out the lumps in cellulite.

The Recipe
According to Women’s Health Renée Loux, quoted in a Fox News interview:
“Mix 1/4 cup ground coffee with 3 tablespoons hot water and let the mixture sit for 10 minutes to absorb the water and form a paste.
Then, mix in 2 tablespoons of olive oil to help bind the grinds. (This will make it easier to spread on, and offer extra moisturizing effects.) Cleanse problem areas in a warm shower, then turn off the water and apply the scrub by massaging in a circular motion for two to four minutes with your hands or a washcloth.
Rinse with warm water to remove all grounds, then pat dry and moisturize if desired.”

It goes without saying that this should never be done with hot coffee grounds, at most the coffee grounds should be comfortably warm.

Even though topically applied caffeine can help mitigate the appearance of cellulite and help improve the look of your skin, drinking caffeinated beverages might unfortunately have the undesirable opposite effect. Drinking coffee will not necessarily cause cellulite, but may cause water retention which is one culprit of cellulite. Try drinking water (at least 8 glasses) instead.



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