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Teas that wake you up!

Skip the Coffee IV: 5 Teas that will wake you up

Did you have one of those long days that never seemed to end where everything that could go wrong actually did?  Do you find yourself tossing and turning through out the night unable to get to sleep and sleep peacefully through the night so that you are feeling tired and out of steam?  Then try […]

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Caffeine and Depression

Is There a Link Between Caffeine Use and Depression? Depression is an epidemic in our modern-day culture.  Over 26% of Americans alone have been diagnosed with depression, and that doesn’t even begin to include people who never seek treatment or those in other cultures and countries.  Many physicians, psychologists, and alternative medicine practitioners suggest removing […]

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Transdermal Patches: Skin-Activated Energy

As caffeine lovers, most of us salivate at the thought of that ultimate jolt of energy. For many of us, those first few delicious sips of coffee are just the sucker punch to the brain we need to get our day started; however, there are some downsides to drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages. First […]

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Caffeinated Kids

Caffeinated Kids

We often hear about the health risks of drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages such as soda and energy drinks. While it’s often referred to as an addiction, caffeine does actually have some benefits to overall behavior and productivity in kids. In mild to moderate amounts, caffeine can help children and teens focus and be […]

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Exercise with Caffeine

Caffeine is ergogenic, enhancing physical performance and stamina, by eliminating fatigue. It drives the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. The induced adrenaline rush can cause the affected persons to experience muscle tension, rapid heart beat, fast pulse, and quick breathing. Glycogen is the main fuel muscles use for energy production. […]

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Allergic to Caffeine

Allergic reactions to caffeine are very rare. Some believe that the symptoms associated with those who claim to be allergic to caffeine are not really allergic reactions, but are rather a product of caffeine sensitivity. This seems like a logical approach given the way caffeine interacts with the body. Caffeine drives the adrenal glands to […]

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Caffeine Addiction

It is not an uncommon thing to hear – ‘I missed my morning coffee’ or ‘I’m addicted to caffeine’. Caffeine is a major component in coffee and a number of different energy drinks. It is believed that regularly consuming caffeine can result in one becoming addicted to it. Some even say that they cannot make […]

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3 Popular Caffeinated Gum Products

1) Jolt Gum One the most popular caffeinated gums on the market. The makers of Jolt Gum claim that the gum starts to work about 5 minutes into chewing, which makes it about 5x faster than energy drinks or coffee. It’s also quicker than coffee, just 2 pieces of Jolt Gum gives you the energy/alertness […]

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What is Caffeine?

What is Caffeine? For most people, caffeine is more like something they drink every day. As you may probably know, coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the world most especially in countries where most people are coffee lovers. Also, caffeine can be found in almost all kinds of beverages and food […]

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Decaf is NOT Caffeine Free

According to a study conducted by this Journal of Analytical Toxicology report, “the caffeine content of decaffeinated coffee obtained from different establishments was variable ranging from none detected to 13.9 mg per 16-oz serving …the finding that decaffeinated coffee contains caffeine has far-reaching clinical consequences. Clinicians and patients should be aware that decaffeinated coffee frequently […]

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