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Coffee and Dating

In this world of online dating, people are forced to take a few guesses about the people they are going on a date with. Unfortunately, the profiles and short emails before the first meeting usually cover only the vague interests like whether or not you like to read, you enjoy museums, or you fancy a […]

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History: Coffee in America

Many Americans rely on our friend, coffee, to get us through the day. Coffee’s trading rate in the international market is surpassed only by petroleum. Being the second-most traded commodity results in the coffee industry pulling in roughly 60 billion dollars every year. There is no question about the effects that coffee has had on […]

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Caffeine Addiction

It is not an uncommon thing to hear – ‘I missed my morning coffee’ or ‘I’m addicted to caffeine’. Caffeine is a major component in coffee and a number of different energy drinks. It is believed that regularly consuming caffeine can result in one becoming addicted to it. Some even say that they cannot make […]

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Coffee Enemas?

An enema is the introduction of liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus, mostly done to cleanse the rectum and large intestines. A ‘coffee enema’ is just that just with coffee. This alternative medicine approach has been a blessing for some and a horror story for others. lists 10 reasons why you […]

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